Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ad Blocking

       Do you hate waiting for those annoying video ads to load before watching YouTube? How about those ads that you accidentally click when a website loads? Let's talk about that.

                                                  Blocking Those Annoying Ads!

       Luckily, there isn't much work involved with this topic. There are a few types of ad blockers out there that work in a variety of ways, so we will go through the options.
        Ad Block Plus: This ad blocker is, by far, the most simple and easiest to use. This option works by using constantly updated ad filters to remove any ads that have no relevance to your search topic. You can go to there main website at, or you can visit your browser's web store and download it from there. For both options, one-click to install and you're browsing ad free. This blocker also allows you to be able to tweak things such as the type of ad filters used and more.  So far, this type of blocker only works with some of our most popular browser's such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. (Microsoft Edge is not supported)
      Flash Control: This ad blocker operates with a more brutal force than Ad Block Plus. Instead of filtering out ads from your internet browsing, it blocks all flash player activities, including ones that may be necessary for the site. Due to its aggressiveness, this type of ad blocking is only recommended for experienced users.
        So there you have it! The two most popular types of ad blocking are at your freedom. You can finally take control and surf the internet freely!  As always, if you have any questions, you can reach us by email at or visit our Contact Page for more information.


  1. I use this same exact AD blocker! I love how I download it and it runs in the background without having to deal with nasty popups.

  2. Love this blog, I use this exact Ad blocker