Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Basics of Building a Computer (Part 8)

Power Supply Unit

       The final component for your computer is your Power Supply Unit or PSU. This unit will be responsible for distributing all of the power to each individual component within your PC. For an average PC user, your power supply will be a lot more simple than the advanced power supplies for gaming or strenuous use computers. Each PSU is set to distribute a certain amount of wattage through it and to your components. Some are eco-friendly with smart power usage while others are meant for constant and consistent current for gamers and heavy multi-taskers. The best and easiest way to choose your power supply is through a PSU calculator. Here are some calculator websites that I recommend. Just enter the type and specs of each of your components and the calculator will do the rest.

Terms To Be Aware Of

Modular: This means that the cables are not permanently attached to it and can be disconnected. Ex. My PSU is Fully Modular, meaning all of the cables can be disconnected. PSUs are either Fully Modular, Modular (Semi-modular), or not modular.  

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Titanium Certified: This only determines the all around quality of the PSU. As you go higher, they become better on energy savings, performance, reliability, compatibility, and more. For gamers, you are going to want a good quality PSU, so decide based on that.


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