Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Basics of Building a Computer (Part 1)

                                                                   Building a PC

      So you want to know how to build your own PC? Well you are in the right place. This blog will specify the need-to-knows when building your own PC. Let's get started.

                                                             Picking Your Parts

       The first step in building your own PC is picking out the correct parts for what you are attempting to achieve with this new computer. Will you be using it for gaming, personal multitasking, or business? You must decide beforehand what you plan to use it for as the parts that you pick out must be able to support such tasks. For this blog, I will be focusing more on the gaming aspect as this will be able to support all other functions as well due to the better hardware. 

                                                                      PC Case

      Picking your case is a very important part of this process. You must be sure that the dimensions specified by the case will also fit the other components that you will choose later on. If you plan on building a high end computer, you will need a full sized case to fit a full sized motherboard and provide adequate airflow. If you plan on using this PC for lesser, average use, then you will be able to get by with a micro-atx (small sized) case if you choose a micro sized motherboard. 
       After you've decided which type you will be using, you must now look at the airflow ability in the case. Most cases will come with a few fans already installed, however if this PC will be used for strenuous activities, such as gaming, you will require a higher airflow. For this type, you must have intake fan(s) on the front of your case as well as exhaust fan(s) on the rear. Extra fans can be purchased at online stores such as Amazon. Some cases also provide extra placement for fans on the top as well as the bottom for better airflow. If you decide to use these extra fans, remember that heat rises, so the exhaust fans must be on the top with the intake on the bottom. This can tend to cause some troubles with dust so be sure you purchase dust filters for your intake fans. 
      And lastly, pick a good case. You can will encounter some pretty sweet looking cases as well as the more subtle cases. You will own this PC for a while so choose wisely as to what type of look you want it to have.

                                           Picking Your Parts is continued on next blog.


  1. This is great! I always wondered how i should arrange my fans in my case. Thankyou

  2. Really good blog. This was really good information if you want to build your own pc